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Fellow Listing  

We are accepting nominations for MSS Fellows until December 15, 2015 for the 2016 candidates.

Any Military Sensing Symposia individual - attendee, presenter, committee member, or otherwise - may nominate candidates for Fellow recognition.

The MSS Fellow program recognizes individuals whose body of technical work has made an outstanding contribution to military sensing. Since the program's inception, 95 individuals have been honored by the MSS Executive Committee.

Candidate Eligibility 

  • Eligible candidates may come from any military sensing sector, including academia, government, and industry
  • They may be involved in any sensing technology that supports national defense or homeland security at any level
  • Candidates must have made an outstanding contribution to the military sensing profession 

To nominate a candidate you must:

  • Be a member of the MSS community
  • Download, review, and complete the Fellow Nomination Packet ; this packet outlines the candidate’s qualifications and outstanding technical achievements
    • The candidate must have five (5) written recommendations from current MSS Fellows, the executive committee, or MSS program committee, to be identified on your nomination form
  • Submit your confidential Fellow Nomination Packet and your contact information to:

Existing Fellows

The following individuals have been confirmed as Fellow of the Military Sensing Symposia (MSS). Fellows of the Military Sensing Symposia (MSS) are those individuals who have been recognized for their sustained significant contribution to the one or more areas of Military Sensing Technology (MST), i.e. a field related to sensing technology that is (or can be) applied to the national defense or homeland security. Fellows are nominated by their peers, reviewed and recommended for confirmation by a committee of existing Fellows and confirmed by the Executive Committee of MSS.

Henry Amble
Max Bair*
Frank Barone
David Barton
Henry Bass*
Ann Batchelor
Jeffery Beck
David Benson
Lucien Biberman*
Glenn Boreman
Lawrence Bovino
Richard Brandewie
Eli Brookner
Neal Brune
Ralph Burnham
Rudolf Buser*
Stephen Campana
Ben Cantrell
John Cederquist
Mark Davis
John Devitt
Matthew Dierking
Bernard Douda
Ronald Driggers
Alan Edelstein
John Eicke
Michael Eismann
Harold Finn
William Frederick
Charles Freed*
Ralph Fritsch
Lew Goldberg
Mark Govoni
Mark Greiner
Alfred Gschwendtner*
Maurice Halmos
Jeffery Heberley
Sammy Henderson
Robert Hintz
Craig Hoffman
George Hopper*
John Hubbs
Robert Huffaker
Paul Hughes
Raymond Irwin
John Jamieson*
Albert Jelalian*
William Keicher
Michael Kinch
Robert Kingston
Melvin Kruer
Peter Laakman*
Kenneth Labaugh
Richard Legault
Arthur Lockwood*
Jester Loomis III
Timothy Macklin
Richard Marino
Emil Martinsek
Paul McManamon
William Melvin
A. Fenner Milton
Eric Mokole
Peter Moulton
Lee Moyer
Josh Nessmith, Jr.
John Nettleton
Roy Nichols
Larry Nichols
Leslie Novak
Robert Ogrodnik*
Irwin Olin
William Parrish
Philip Perconti
Michael Pines
John Pollard
Richard Priest
George Pruett
William Radford
Don Reago
Edward Reedy
William Reynolds
Richard Richmond
C. Grady Roberts
Frederick Rosell*
Brian Sandford
Michael Sarcione
Jerome Schaefer
Alan Schaum
David Schmieder
John Selby
Robert Sendall
Freeman Shepherd
David Shumaker
Jeffrey Sichina
Frederick Simmons
John Smith
Jay Sonstroem
David Spears
Nino Srour
Alva Stair
Maryn Stapelbroek
Leo Sullivan*
Allan Tarbell
James Taylor
William Tennant
Dan Thomas
Meimei Tidrow
Robert Trebits
Gerard Trunk
Ward Trussell
Harry Urkowitz
George Vogel
Grayson Walker
Bruce Walker
Russell Walker*
Joel Walker
Edward Watson
James Wimmers
Edwin Winter
Hans Wolfhard
Sam Wood
* Deceased

If your company is interested in becoming an MSS Sponsor for 2016, please contact or call 540-834-4854.

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